I took the Essentials of Tuscan Cooking course with Melanie Cecilio and it was truly fantastic. The menu was diverse and well planned. Chef Melanie walked through the menu - imparting tips, techniques and recipe medications before we manned our cooking stations. During class she was incredibly helpful and engaging, spending time with the various teams, giving advice and teaching knife skills from her wealth of culinary knowledge. We had a great time and incredible meal. Tricia E. Mid-Cambridge, MA via Yelp.
So happy that I attended your class @ ICE... greetings from México. S. Santoyo
ICE new location is amazing! We took a cooking class on Tuscan cuisine. The instructor, Melanie Cecilio was great. The facilities were spectacular, and the overall experience was perfect. I'll definitely be back for more classes. Tony D. Chesterfiled Township, NJ
 The chef (Melanie) made it very easy to follow along with the preparations with lots of tips along the way. The menu was excellent - Parisian Bistro - with quality on par with fine restaurants.  With the added sense of accomplishments that we made it!  Finished with an excellent soufflé. Westcott R. Monroe Township, NJ
Melanie, we had a blast thank you so much! I am going to make the summer rolls at home this weekend! J. Terosky
We learned a lot from Melanie (the Chef), she is very friendly and made it easy to follow the instructions. The end result was a delicious french bistro dinner -- french onion soup, steak with potatoes au Gratin and a chocolate soufflé. Noelle F. South Orange, NJ
While we had a substitute instructor, the delightful Melanie Cecilio, she walked us through a variety of recipes – friendly to meat lovers and vegetarians alike and threw us into the fire after a quick demonstration.   Wanting to see how “beginner friendly” this class was, it was very reassuring to find that it worked for people of many levels.  Able-bodied classmates and Melanie were on hand to help with the simplest or most difficult tasks.  My awesome partner, Sergio, did well to instruct me in the pasta making process as I was busy over the stove working on my mushroom ragu sauce when Melanie went over the process with the rest of the table. Melanie was armed with really helpful tips, such as to test the olive oil before using it, as certain types can bitter your food and if that’s the case, you should pare back on garlic; or don’t use all of the flour that is stated in the recipe when creating the dough, as you’ll add more flour along the way when you knead the dough.  What I respect most about Melanie is that she gets great joy when people leave her class having learned something new, and I think she accomplished that with my class.  I’m looking forward to putting these new skills to test before I get rusty – and maybe taking that cupcake class, anyway!   by Classtivity